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Ravens have long been considered

as special messengers in the lore and

mythology of peoples around the

world. This raven holds a key, symbolic

of the ability to foresee the future.

He is the bearer of omens and has the

gift of prophecy.

Dimensions: 15" x 13.5" x 11"


Throughout human history, the raven

has been a powerful symbol and a

popular subject in mythology and

folklore. These large, intelligent birds have 

been associated with omens, death, world creation - and are always cunning tricksters.

   A version of a legend from the indigenous tribes of the Pacific

Northwest tells us that raven was originally white but was turned black from soot when he stole light from the Great Spirit. Just as the White Buffalo and other white animal totems take on unique spiritual powers, the White Raven has been revered by humans all over the world. In this version of a Native American creation story, White Raven left the spirit world with a pebble in his beak, which he accidently dropped - this pebble became the created world.

Dimensions: 22" x 15" x 13"

white raven.png
white raven 2.png


Like. three young toughs on a street corner, these 'teenage' raven fledgings are looking for some fun. As a group, corvids are recognized as the most playful of birds and young ravens are the most playful of corvids. As with humans, youthful goofing around is an innocent way of testing and extending one's physical limits. Showing off in play serves another important purpose in adolescence - attracting a desirable mate. Since ravens mate for life, this play is serious business.

This piece can be mounted on a railing or wall for display in a garden setting. 

Dimensions: 13" x 14" x 29"


   Ship of state is a famous and oft-cited metaphor put forth by Plato in Book VI of Plato's Republic. It likens the governance of a democracy to the command of a naval vessel. According to Plato, the leadership of such a government should only be undertaken by the enlightened and benevolent. Unfortunately, history is often writ by leaders who engage in a reign of terror or who meander aimlessly in a reign of error.

   In lieu of a cartoonist's skill, this piece is my contribution to a bit of whimsical political satire. My ship of state is crewed by birds of various feather, none of whom seem to be addressing one another directly. Sleeping at the oar appears to go unnoted and is perhaps even permissible. Copious amounts of hot air are generally available, but inadequate to stimulate the motionless propeller to force movement forward...or even backward. A blind coxswain leans earnestly into the wind, a leader without a vision.

   Reigning ravens may keep their ship afloat, but haven't a clue as to where they are going or what they might do if they actually arrive in that far off land called the future.

Dimensions: 23" x 13" x 12"


   Among the native tribes of the Pacific and Canadian Northwest, the raven is believed to have been the bringer of light and fire.

   In the beginning of the world all was darkness. Raven (who was then white feathered) did not like flying about in darkness and sneaked into the home of the Great Spirit and stole the light he found there. When he flew back through the smoke hole with his purloined trophy, he collected soot on his body and ever after, his tribe has been black.

Dimensions: 23.5" x 16" x 8"


   This Steampunk telephone was the beginning of an idea, a pun on contemporary "tweeting". That soon morphed into other thoughts and images regarding telephone lingo. For some, this might bring to mind the combination of two irritating sounds, a ringing telephone and the cawing of crows!

Dimensions: 12"h x 19.5"wx 14"d


This beautiful boat-shaped piece of wood titillated my imagination and I knew I would have to devise a new life for it. My ongoing fascination with the concept of boats was a starting place which I combined with my love of ravens and word play. Crow's Nest was the result, a sort of fantasy ship of fools.


Since covids don't set out to sea, their boat required wind and wheels, transforming this boat into a mythical prairie schooner.

Dimensions: 29"h x 25.5"w x 8"d


This raven is gathering nesting material in anticipation of a new season's family. It's mate will assist in building the nest and in the care and feeding of another generation. 

Through on entire season from March through September I watched a nest with four baby ravens. Their parents steadfastly hunted for food for their babes, no small task as they grew exponentially and were ever hungry. By midsummer the nest could no longer hold their burgeoning weight and they began to venture out onto other branches. Except for one recalcitrant fellow who refused to leave, even with constant urging. Losing patience, the parents tore the nest to pieces leaving the adolescent no choice but to venture out into the world.

Dimensions: 14"h x 15w" x 10"d


   These three young ravens are experimenting with their newly found voices, striving for the day when they might be able to master the extensive range of adult raven language. I have been fortunate enough to observe young ravens from fledglings to juveniles learning to vocalize, and have to report that it is extremely humorous. Their uncontrolled squawks and gurgles combine to create a marvelously unique din that is barely recognizable as


Dimensions: 11.5"h x 35"l x 7"d


      When I found this wonderful piece of driftwood on the coast of Vancouver Island I knew it would be a perfect beginning for a raven sculpture.  This piece is the result. - the nature shaped wood is such a fantastic look-alike for a raven skull. The wood base is a beautiful slab of native madrone.

Dimensions: 16"h x 26"l x 11"d


      Edgar rests serenely on a beautiful leather bound edition of the collected works  of Edgar Allan Poe. The branch and raven are not attached to the volume, allowing the book to be opened and read.

Dimensions: 8"h x 10"l x 16.5"d


      This piece celebrates flight - in this case the fledgling raven's desire to try out their new wings. That first step into the void must be a bit terrifying, but long before that there has been a great deal of jumping and wing-flapping at the edge of the nest.

These two young birds might also symbolize our human love affair with the freedom of flight.

Dimensions: 27"h x 9"l x 9"d

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