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Throughout human history, the raven has been a powerful symbol

and a popular subject in mythology and folklore. These large,

intelligent birds have been associated with omens, death, world creation

and are always seen as cunning tricksters.


A version of a legend from the indigenous tribes of the Pacific

Northwest says that raven was originally white but was turned black

from soot when he flew through the smoke-hole of the Great Spirit's

home and stole light. Just as the White Buffalo and other white

animal totems take on unique spiritual powers, the White Raven has

been revered by humans all over the world. In this version of a Native American creation story, White Raven left the spirit world with a

pebble in his beak, which he accidently dropped - this pebble

became the created world.

Dimensions: 22" x 15" x 13"


At first glance this is a whimsical piece - choose your own story...

However, I had in mind a comment on how we have all seen ourselves, at one time or another, as not fitting into social groups

or  perceived norms. In all-weather gear, this individual is steering through uncharted waters in a craft outfitted for

any foreseeable necessity.

Dimensions: 15.5"h x 15"w x 10"d


The inspiration for this piece comes from a quote by Henry Ford...

"When everything seems to be against you,

remember that an airplane takes off against the wind".


This young raven is contemplating his first flight, hesitant, but facing into the wind, all the while knowing that eventually he must trust his newly fledged wings to carry him into the air. We all face into the wind, often many times in our lives.That first step is the most difficult, but it is the only road to confidence and freedom.

Dimensions: 48"h x 18"w x 10"d


Goats are fascinating subjects for sculpture. Their bony bodies and exuberant athleticism tend to make the manipulation of clay a delightful experience.

Since I do love punning, this piece lent itself very well to a bit of fun.

Dimensions: 15"h x 12"w x 8"d


 I have always been fascinated by petroglyphs that are etched into stone walls all over the Southwest - in fact, throughout the world.

   In this piece I chose a few images that I found in travels through Utah and Arizona. I created each one in wax which was then cast directly into bronze without the middle step of mold making.

Thus, this is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Dimensions: 27"h x 17"w x 6"d


   This piece is centered around  a retired French horn. I like utilizing found objects in my work. This horn was languishing in a

dusty corner of a shop selling

used items and I knew at once that

I would find a use for it. The

idea didn't come right away, it took

some time to find just the right base,

but once that happened everything

fell into place. It's meant to be

joyful - I hope you can

hear the music, too.

Dimensions: 33"h x 22"w x 20"d

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