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Celtic and Folklore


This piece was inspired by reading Celtic history and Druid folklore. Ravens figure prominently in these texts as does the Druidic reverence for ancient oak trees. This young Celtic maiden is visited by a raven bringing an prophecy of future love and marriage. Her hair is decorated with oak leaves, and her future seems to be guided from the strength and agelessness of that revered tree.

Our many journeys through Scotland and Ireland were inspiring - the misty, moody landscapes and ancient sites of worship have a wonderful sense of mystery and magic. In this atmosphere it is very easy to imagine mythical beings and to step back in the mind's eye to an ancient, mystical time when magic was never far from daily life.

Dimensions: 16"h x 11"w x 8"d


   This piece was inspired by a visit to a 12th century churchyard on the remote island of Inis Meain, one of three Aran Isles off the western coast of Ireland. The church itself is  a primitive oratory - a tiny structure built entirely of stacked stones. In the midst of this fascinating jumble of stones is a large round slab with a void carved into the center. This is a symbol that reaches far back in time when the ancient Celts believed that such stones had great healing properties, or were, perhaps, windows into an Otherworld.


   I have combined this symbol with ravens, a bird that is thought in many cultures throughout the world, to have magical abilities. The two ravens in this sculpture  represent raven's association with magic - one holds a silver Celtic ring and the other, a quartz crystal.

Dimensions: 24"h x 19"w x 9"d

arc of life 2.png


   This piece is a celebration of life - all of it. There is a wealth of wisdom and resilience in the lives and stories of older women. Many women are "late bloomers", coming into their own later in life when they find a sense of freedom and a greater understanding of their own potential. In some ways this part of life feels like a beginning, a gathering of strength and a new vision of what one wishes to become in the world.

Two ravens, (Odin's ravens, Thought and Memory) symbolize the wisdom of a lifetime of experience and memories of the past that enrich both the present and the future.

Dimensions: 29"h x 15"w x 8"d


Our sleeping brain allows us to wander safely

through a landscape or scene with the strangeness or mystery characteristic of dreams. Surrealism's popular manifestations were the dreamscapes of Salvador Dali. Sometimes these dreams are numinous, a dream that arouses spiritual or religious emotions, inspires

deep awe, or carries a sense of the sacred or

mysterious. You might wake from a numinous

dream feeling deeply moved, perhaps inspired

to be in the world in a different way, yet unable to communicate the enormity of your experience.

This piece was inspired by a numinous dream involving

a raven. Often believed to be messengers or bearers

of omens, ravens frequently have a potent

presence in dreams.

Dimensions: 23"h x 16"w x 14"d

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